From Tuesday the 6th November to Friday the 9th, Limbe Bureau was attending UN Women Conference for the kings and Chiefs of East and Southern Africa which also included religious personalities from the region. It was aimed at addressing two issues namely: EARLY CHILD MARRIAGES and FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION (FGM)

Sheikh Chienda had a speech on the same on Wednesday under inter-generation dialogue on religion and culture on those issues.

It ended with a statement which will be presented to African Union in January next year and a strategy has been put in place to ensure the commitment from the chiefs.

Immediately after presentation, two people approached Sheikh Chienda asking about the Idea of establishing Islamic Information Bureau in their respective countries.

I was approached by the wife of former president of Nigeria Madam Obasanjo who said she will talk to her husband and their Imam about IIB and mentioned of possible invitation to Nigeria (according to her, fully sponsored by Malawi government out of her husband’s influence) so that we can share them our ideas.

The second person Sheikh Chienda met was a King of a tribe in Uganda. The king is not a Muslim, but he is Prime Minister and his name is Hajj Iddi Ahmed Kiwanuka. The King also liked the idea of Islamic Information Bureau and asked for a brochure to appreciate our services.