Youth desk

This is a special department which looks into encouraging the youth especially those in schools about education and mending their moral behavior and HIV issues.

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  • Spiritual up lifting
  • All MSA’s in Secondary Schools across Malawi revived.
  • All Islamic Youth groups across Malawi revived.
  • Sustainability of Halqa programs in Schools across Malawi.
  • A good link among Muslim youth through various programs.
  • Improvement of students in passing their Secondary and College exams.
  • Career guidance to Muslim Students in Secondary Schools across Malawi.
  • Improved Muslim Students welfare
  • Well trained future leaders
  • Zero Immoral behaviors


  • To train the Muslim Youth through workshops, Camps, get togethers etc.
  • To create learning situations in which Muslim Students develop proficiencies based on sound educational and communication theoriesthrough Radio programs and other functions
  • Muslim Youth to participate effectively in situations where decisions must be made.
  • Promoting unity among Muslim Students in various Institutions.
  • To revive Islamic Youth groups .
  • To provide opportunities for Students to practice and share their skill developments through Halqas, camps, Conferences etc.
  • To make the Muslim Youth noble, excellent and disciplined.
  • To expand the mental horizons and broaden the outlook of the Muslim Youth.
  • To develop confidence and good communication skills in Students
  • To act as a mouth piece where Students can have a chance to voice out the challenges they face from their day to day lives to the parties that can help them.
  • To provide leadership and to promote competition, Cooperation and team spirit.
  • To motivate and encourage them in their academics by bringing advisers and role models.
  • To provide them relevant Islamic books and other resources.