About Us

Learn more about us and why we are here for.

Our Story

Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) is a non-profit organisation that was established in the year 1999 by Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) after realising that there is a great demand and interest in understanding and acquiring knowledge about Islam by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. To this effect, seminars discussions and workshops are being done and a number of books have been printed and translated in local languages on Islam, but most of them are based on some pre-conceived agendas. Therefore, there was a very vital need to establish an Islamic Information Bureau to provide and disseminate information about true Islam.

Since its establishment, IIB has opened 13 offices in Malawi and one in Zambia and it is our goal to open offices in all southern African countries.


The main objective of IIB is to act as a resource centre of all information pertaining to Islam. The offices are designed to accommodate both Muslims and non-Muslims, that is why we have a lot of materials like DVDs, CDs so that people can understand Islam through different medium. People also have an opportunity to ask any questions concerning Islam because IIBs main aim is to present Islam as it is.

Mission Statement

Heralding the truth about Islam as a religion and a way of life ordained by almighty Allah for all mankind and in so doing clearing a lot of distortions, misconceptions and misunderstandings giving a clearer and more accurate image of Islam, the religion of all the Messengers.

Our Goals


Every country has a wide variety of public officials, and at every level of the government, these officials are expected to interact with and serve the public. The first task IIB should accomplish is to determine which, if any of these officials, may be friendly or positive towards Islam and try to work with them on projects of mutual interest.


Identify local, national and international newspapers, and invite them to attend IIB events and programs. Also we strive to pursue relationships with television news stations. IIBs goal is to become a major source of information for media agencies, so that they can have accurate information regarding Islamic views on a variety of current topics.


Contacting major religious groups and specific Interfaith organizations throughout the nation and maintaining positive relationships is an important part of IIBs work. After establishing warm ties between different religious groups, it is the goal of IIB to create an Interfaith Network so that members of different faiths can work together towards common goals.