Media Interactions

As one way of achieving the Bureaus objectives of teaching and making dawah on any means that we can, Limbe Bureau had media interaction in the name of lectures, TV debates and interviews on Islamic matters and matters affecting Muslims.

Media houses so far working with IIB Limbe:

  • Ufulu Radio Station

The station gives IIB 2hrs every Friday from 8am to 10am. Myself and other sheikhs with the host Br. Nelson Chigwenembe have relentlessly been presenting and I should in a special way commend Br Chigwenembe for his untiring efforts to make the program run. The program is called “Muuni wachisilamu”

  • Matindi TV

Limbe Bureau have done four programs at the station and they asked more Islamic materials of which I linked them with TV Islam to coordinate on the matter.

  • MBC TV and Radio 1

At this station, Limbe Bureau have had the chance to participate in debate programs tackling issue of Albino killings, Abortion, Family Planning and capital punishment- giving Islamic perspective on all programs. We also had a special program on Eid-ul Fitr on MBC Radio 1 On The Move Program.

  • Angaliba Television and radio Station

Limbe Bureau had a chance to feature in some live programs on both TV and Radio. However, the owner Dr. Mulonya always laments that Muslims organization are not coming to by airtime at the station in contrast with Christian churches that are taking over all prime time.

  • Radio Islam

In this station, Limbe Bureau had several Hard Talk programs and Moyo wa M’banja Programs in which we talk about hot current topics and marital issues respectively.

  • Times Radio

Despite having done some devotional messages on this radio, we feel we need more penetration into the broadcasting time to have more of Islamic programs on this station.