On 17th October and 23rd November, Lilongwe Bureau conducted two hospital visits. Islam invites to all that is good and warns from all that is bad.  From those good and virtuous deeds is the visiting of the ill and afflicted.  When people visit each other in good health, bonds of brotherhood and friendship are strengthened.  How then when people visit each other in times of sickness and poor or failing health?So it is inline with this why

the Bureau has embarked on this exercise, not only that but also to be part of our clients in times of need.

We visited Kayembeand Mtenthera Hospitals, we cheered the sick in women wards as advised by the administrators who gave us a warm welcome. Honey was distributed to the patients and were also given the motivational talks.

The Prophet Muhammad said: “The rights of one Muslim over another Muslim are six… When you meet him, you greet him with the salaam (i.e. to say: “As-Salamu alaykum”), when he invites you, you accept his invitation, when he consults you in a matter, you give him sincere advice, when he sneezes and praises God, you ask God to have mercy on him, when he is sick, you visit him, and when he passes away you accompany him (through his funeral).”