On 3rd April IIB open a new branch in Ndirande Malabada. It was a memorable event because it was attended by a lot of people. Guest of honour for the event was Mr Ishamael Mkumba Member of Parliament (MP) of Ndirande Malabada ward and other guests were as follows: Mr Balaba Councillor of Malabada ward, Sheikh Chabuluka, 7 chiefs from Ndirande areas and 7 representatives from 7 Mosques around Ndirande.

Reasons for this new branch are as follows:

  1. Uplifting spiritual life to the people in a way that they be having special time at bureau reading different books about Muslim religious.
  2. It will also create a better room to Non-Muslims to go and have answers to the questions they have regarding Muslim religious.
  3. Many  Muslims will  find a better solution to their spiritual, marital, Social and financial problems through the counselling sessions they offer.