Islamic Information Bureau has a program which is broadcasted on Radio Islam. The Program is well known as Education and focus.

The purpose for this program:
We target stakeholders in the education segment.
We go in different areas and have interact with parents or student on the challenges students meet at school and how they can help them. (Afterwards broadcast it on the radio) (Mostly is not a live program)
We also have Halqa programs where we walk in different schools to interact with muslims students in clubs and help them in teachings and we provide halqa books inorder to help students. There are 24 schools that we visit, some are Polytechinc College, Soche Technical, Pact College. Secondary schools: BSS, Zingwangwa Secondary School, Zingwangwa Progressive, Bangwe Community Day Secondary School, St kizito, Tafika and Tione Private, Njamba Community Day Secondary School.