Youth football tournament started on 30th November and it will end on 15 December. The tournament is founded by Rainbow Paints and it is targeting youths from different location as: Bangwe, Mbayani, Chirimba , Mpigwe, Machinjiri, Mpemba & Kachere. On 30th November’s match, some teams were booted out and only four teams made it to quarter finals namely Tahitee FC from mpingwe, Al-firdaus from Chirimba, Bilari Darululoom FC and ICBM from Mbayani.

On 7th December, Tahitee will play with Alufidausi and on 8th Bilari FC will play with ICBM. The two teams that will win will play the finals on 15th December.

The objectives of the tournament are:

1. Spiritual uplifted (development)

2. Behavior Change

3. Groom youths as future leaders.