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IIB Engages Men On The Talk Of Zakaat.

On 14th September 2019 Islamic Information Bureau engaged men from different areas and talked about Zakaat. The meeting was conducted at Iqra Propagation Centre. The Objectives of were: To teach men the importance of givingTo encourage them as well that as Muslim’s...

IIB visits Islamic Clubs In Different Schools.

Islamic Information Bureau visited different Islamic clubs in different schools. The visits took place between 6th to 30th September 2019. The objectives of the visits were: To make sure that at every school they are having Islamic clubs where Muslim strudents can...

IIB Nikah Officiation

This month of September Islamic Information Bureau has officiated seven nikkah’s. Islamic Information Bureau is also emphasizing on that muslims that they have not officiatd their weddings, should go to Islamic bureau to officiate their wedding and collect their...

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